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Yeaj Yalhalhj

Barro Rojo Large Sopero Bowl

Barro Rojo Large Sopero Bowl

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The Zapotec women who create these pieces believe in the power of clay and its ability to listen and transform. They start with digging out red soil in their village of San Marcos Tlapazola. This red soil is then mixed with water and sand to make a simple clay that is free-formed without any use of a wheel. This creates a remarkable surface using their fingerprints to mold pristine shapes. Their pottery is formed and dried, then fired in an open pit in the yard of their homes.

This bowl is safe for food and will create a delicious plating to any dish. This delicate piece should be washed by hand.

7” x 7” x 2.75”

Approximate size. Due to its handmade nature, size and construction varies. A patina will form with use as the clay surface is porous.

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