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Yeaj Yalhalhj

Salpicado Round Plate Set of 4 by Taller Coatlicue

Salpicado Round Plate Set of 4 by Taller Coatlicue

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Contains Set of 4 Plates:

1x Small 6.25” x 6.25” x 0.65”
1x Medium 8.45” x 8.45” x 0.65”
1x Large 9.95” x 9.95” x 0.65”
1x Charger 11.85” x 11.85” x 0.65”

Food safe mud clay, unglazed. Hand wash only.
Not microwave, dishwater, stovetop or oven safe. Only for serving hot and cold food and decor.

Coffee sprinkled plates created with so much love and care by Taller Coatlicue in Atzompa, Oaxaca. This natural cave clay is shaped on a manual turning wheel with the use of tools. With a reduction method created through a kiln, each piece is splashed with dry ground coffee to create a cosmic finish to each plate. As you begin to eat you unveil the unique beauty of each plate.

Each plate unique, burn marks will vary in each one, no two plates are the same.

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