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Yeaj Yalhalhj

San Antonino Embroidered Huipil

San Antonino Embroidered Huipil

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Hand embroidered with silk thread in San Antonino Castillo Velasco, south of the city of Oaxaca. A stunning embroidery of detailed flowers around the collar of the neck, adorned at the chest.

Traditional designs are made using traditional techniques by artisans who have had their trade passed down to them through the generations, different women are primarily responsible for drawing the designs of tiny pansies, wildflowers and birds onto the cotton fabric in biro pen. One dress design normally takes around two to three hours to draw. The garment is then returned to the embroiderers, they come and collect it to take home. There they will finish the designs with a combination of draw thread, smocking, satin stitch embroidery and crochet techniques. The pieces are then returned to the tailors machine where they sew the garments together. Each blouse takes around five to seven days to complete and is often worked on in the in-between hours of their other jobs of the artisans.

Should to shoulder 23"
Bust 45"
Waist 45" open slit
Top to bottom 26.25"

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